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Relias Onboarding

The first and only adaptive learning solution for nurse onboarding.

Relias Onboarding quickly and effectively prepares hospital nurses to be ready to practice.

Traditional onboarding is a one-size-fits-all approach that can decrease engagement and waste resources. Relias Onboarding assesses a nurse's proficiency and provides a personalized learning plan tailored to the individual's need.

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Reduce Time and Cost of Onboarding

Increase speed to independent practice with personalized learning plans.
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Ensure Readiness to Practice

Educate nurses on identified knowledge gaps to support quality and safe care.
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Improve Nurse Satisfaction

Tailor onboarding to increase staff engagement and knowledge retention.

How Relias Onboarding Works

Prepare nurses to practice in the four most common hospital specialties while you develop the next generation of preceptors.


Course Titles

Changing Patient Status
Clinical Knowledge and Skills
Medication Administration
Situational Competency

Intensive Care

Course Titles

Changing Patient Status
Dysrhythmia and Measurement
Knowledge and Skills
Situational Competency

Labor & Delivery

Course Titles

Changing Patient Status
Abnormal Pregnancies and Complications 1
Abnormal Pregnancies and Complications 2
Clinical Knowledge and Skills 1
Clinical Knowledge and Skills 2
Situational Competency

Emergency Room

Course Titles

Changing Patient Status
Clinical Knowledge 1
Clinical Knowledge 2
Caring for Special Populations
Core Skills


Course Titles

Becoming a Preceptor

Evaluate Readiness to Practice

Relias Onboarding begins with an initial assessment that helps evaluate a nurse's readiness for safe and independent practice.

  • Evaluate knowledge and critical thinking with clinical scenarios
  • Identify individual strengths and knowledge gaps
  • CE credit is earned for the assessment portion of each course
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Recognizing Heart Failure Assessment

Personalize Learning Plans

Once the assessment is complete, Relias Onboarding prescribes a personalized learning plan, based on identified knowledge and critical thinking gaps.

  • Content is delivered in easy to absorb 2-8 minute segments
  • Content is prioritized as red for required, yellow for recommended, and green for optional
  • Integrates videos, case studies, and interactive 3D animations with text
  • ANCC accredited for CE credits

Analyze Data for Continuous Improvement

Relias Onboarding provides helpful reports to continually improve the effectiveness of education.

  • Track the progress of assessment and course completion
  • Identify individual and group areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Benchmark performance against peers and national samples
Relias Onboarding Data Analyzing

Impact of Relias Onboarding

Traditional Onboarding vs. Relias Onboarding

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Assessments Identify Individual Knowledge Gaps

Three new nurses enter the hospital. Relias Onboarding assesses each nurse's clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills to identify individual knowledge gaps.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning Personalizes Onboarding

Based on the nurses' assessments, Relias Onboarding personalizes the education content. The time it takes each nurse to complete onboarding is different based on his/her specific learning needs.

Save time and resources

Relias Onboarding Saves Time and Resources

Compared to a traditional onboarding program, Relias Onboarding saves time and resources by reducing overall seat time with personalized learning plans.

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