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Leadership Toolkit

Develop your high-performing employees into future leaders with the right set of workforce development tools and content

Develop Your Next Generation of Leaders

Healthcare organizations need highly effective leadership to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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Identify Gaps


Build & Deliver Curricula


Ongoing Development

Identify Knowledge and Skill Gaps

Relias offers a fantastic set of tools to help you measure and assess your employees’ current knowledge and skills, so you can focus on specific areas for improvement and growth.

Within the Relias learning management system (LMS), Skills Checklists let supervisors observe and assess staff competency for any on-the-job task, while the Competency Tracker tool enables them to measure, track, and benchmark clinical proficiency based on standards they specify. Read more

For nursing and allied health staff, Prophecy® assessments can be used post-hire to identify skill gaps and inform training programs. Learn more

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Build and Deliver Leadership Curricula

The Relias LMS makes it simple to build out a training plan aligned to your organization’s performance goals using your own courses, Relias courses, and/or customized courses designed in partnership with Relias subject matter experts. Through the Advanced Leadership Library, Relias gives organizations access to courses from Skillsoft®, the global leader in staff development. Learn more

Additionally, Relias Learning Paths offers targeted learning programs designed to change staff behavior. Specific Paths focus on managerial topics such as hiring and onboarding, navigating change, delivering performance feedback, and more. Read more

Provide Ongoing Development Opportunities

The Relias LMS empowers staff to assign and track courses at the individual level, making it easy to deliver professional development training whenever needed. Learn more

Relias clients are supported with best-in-class customer support and opportunities for in-person training on getting the most from the RLMS at regional client events, Relias Insights. Learn more

Impact Nation, our annual industry event, is a conference for all who are involved in staff education, improving patient care and outcomes, and assessing and nurturing staff care. Get more information

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