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Behavior Programs for K-12

Behavior Programs for K-12

Video training and resources to help your staff manage problem behaviors

Save Time With Online Training

Give students the experience they need to succeed in the field.

Increase Billable Hours

Increase Billable Hours

Replace classroom training with our online modules and increase billable hours by an average of $15,000 per year.
Save Time and Sanity

Save Time and Sanity

Agencies can save up to 320 administrative hours each year which translates to 30 workdays. What would you do with 30 extra days?
Improve Client Performance

Improve Client Performance

Replace classroom training with online training and increase client and staff outcomes.

Stop Problem Behavior

Get MORE of the behaviors you want, and LESS of the behaviors you don't.

Behavior Solutions

Don't let problem behavior get the best of you.

Increase these behaviors:

 + On-task behavior
 + Self management
 + Successful transitions
 + Social skills

Reduce these behaviors:

 - Trantrums
 - Screaming
 - Aggression
 - Back talk
 - Running away
 - Off-task behavior

autism behavior

Video-Based Instruction

Staff will learn proper techniques by watching real-life interventions with students


Bring Training to Life

These true-to-life examples help our learners gain knowledge outside plain theory. Trainees can see and hear what the students' issues looks like, understand how real children respond, and learn how to provide those interventions in their own classroom. 

Explore real life situations such as Behavior Interventions.

Skill-Based Training

Train your staff the way they want to learn

Evidence-Based Practices

All learning modules teach evidence-based practices that have been proven effective and is consistent with the practices identified in the National Standards Project. 

Staff learn by watching real-life behavior and interventions being performed by autism and behavior experts.

Evidence-Based Practices

Problem Behavior is Running Amuck

Did you know 55% of school districts report they don't have
qualified personnel to teach student with behavioral challenges?

children hands