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Autism Programs for K-12

Is Your Team Equipped to Meet the Needs of Students with Autism?

Evidence Based Tools

Specifically designed to help children with autism


Provide Support

Provide support to everyone that needs it like SPED teachers and paraprofessionals.


Achieve Results

Improve behavior, teach communication skills, strengthen social skills, and increase academic skills.

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Mix and Match Strategies

Learn how to mix and match different evidence-based strategies to meet the unique needs of each learner.

Behavior is Key

Well behaved students make the best learners

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Improve Behavior

Improve behavior, communication, social and academic skills for your students on the autism spectrum. Our technology offers online video training, evidence-based autism curriculum, virtual practice, data collection, graphing and IEP reporting.

Proven Teaching Methods

It's proven - Children with autism respond to specific teaching methods.

Short Video Clips

Our training content was developed using thousands of hours of documentary style footage of real children receiving real interventions. In partnership with schools, parents and agencies around the country, the videos were recorded in naturally occurring situations.


Behavior Interventions Video
Tantrums, Escape Behaviors, and Self-Injurious Behavior



Staff Training

Train your staff the way they want to learn


Best Practices

We combine real-life video examples with best practices in adult learning to teach educators to implement evidence-based behavior interventions.

  • Video-based instruction
  • Online testing & reporting
  • Takeaways
  • Skill-based training
  • Record keeping
  • Support

Provide your staff with training that has been reviewed and endorsed by industry experts. Online training is available to your team anytime, and from anywhere.