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commercial payers

Commercial Payers and Insurers

Perform and adapt in the ever-changing healthcare market

Empower your Providers to Maximize Performance

The spotlight on healthcare is growing with questions about changes to existing policies. Empower your providers with high-quality education tools and resources, so they can confidently emerge as successful leaders in this turbulent time.

maintaining compliance

Maintaining Compliance Amidst Changing Mandates

Ensure compliance under federal and state regulations, including any changes under the new administration.
improving performance metrics

Improving Performance Metrics for Value-Based Reimbursements

Impact your providers' care delivery using education built around adult learning techniques focused on retention and application.
caring for patients

Treating and Managing Complex, High-Risk Patients

Educate on best practices for actively managing complex, high-risk populations, in order to reduce short and long term costs.

Staying Compliant During Transitioning Regulations

Communicate current compliance requirements for CMS, while keeping informed about new regulation developments.

Deliver consistent, reliable compliance training to all levels of staff

In healthcare, complying with federal and state mandates is always top of mind. New benefit rules or regulations will have an impact on your business and how you and your providers deliver care.                      

Ensure that all provider staff is consistently trained on mandatory requirements to fulfill performance and value-based guidelines. Create a strong compliance culture that promotes both clinical and regulatory expertise. Clinical expertise can identify areas of risk in care delivery, while regulatory expertise can help avoid non-compliance offenses.

Relias provides the most current CMS regulatory training through an easy-to-use online platform- all at a tremendous cost savings over traditional methods. Automate your distribution of training, as well as any provider communications, while tracking compliance and reporting on attestations.

View our new CMS Regulatory Package and learn more about delivering, maintaining, and tracking compliance.

compliance training

Securing Financial Stability with High-Performing Staff

Configure a network that uses education, including advanced clinical and leadership content, to deliver the highest level of care.

customizeable education

Provide high-quality, customizable education to maximize performance

Your providers' performances impact your business' bottom line. Medical and coding errors, failing to meet care standards, and high readmission rates are costly and can hurt renewals and reputation.

Invest in your providers' success, by ensuring that they are trained on the most current best practices. Having readily available access to relevant content will help staff make more educated decisions during patient treatments. Well-trained providers and care management teams increase patient satisfaction and new membership retention.

Relias provides access to the most advanced clinical and leadership content, compiled from over 1,000 subject matter experts. Our courses are engaging and interactive, resulting in increased knowledge retention for future real-life applications. Deliver tailored, targeted curriculums to your providers, and even upload your own custom courses.

Sucessfully Managing High-Cost Populations

Train your providers' staff and physicians to be able to correctly diagnose and treat high-risk, complex patients.

Build knowledgeable teams who are equipped to treat complex patients

Since the passage of the ACA, healthcare has become available to a wider net of clients, including those with chronic conditions or serious co-occuring physical and behavioral health conditions.

Initiatives targeted towards the newly insured, high-risk patients, have become an avenue for payers to improve care and reduce costs.  Build and train care teams who are thoroughly prepared and educated on correctly identifying and managing complex patients. Avoid spending your already stretched finances on incorrect diagnoses or multiplied readmissions.

Learn more about educating providers on managing complex populations and successfully managing chronic diseases.


treating complex patients


Helpful payer resources available for download.


May 02 , 2018

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May 01 , 2018

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Predictive Modeling and the Unique Contribution of Relias Analytics

With the new emphasis on population health and accountable care has come increasing interest in the possibility that health care outcomes can be predicted and those most likely to become sick identified and offered prophylactic care. Download this white paper to learn challenges, successes, and how to move from risk-prediction to risk-prevention.

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February 22 , 2018

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MACRA Is Here! (And It Will Make or Break Your Reimbursement)

A comprehensive, easy-to-digest white paper to help you navigate the ins and outs of all things MACRA. Learn more about preparing for changes, Medicare Part B Reimbursement, and understanding your options.