Looking Back at Impact Nation 2014

Nashville, TN

2014 Speakers

Thank you to all of our speakers!

Chris Gardner

Entrepreneur, author, philanthropist

Jim Niekamp

Managing Partner, 95% Share Marketing

Jim Ponder

Entrepreneur, trainer, consultant and coach

Jim Triandiflou

Chief Executive Officer, Relias

Mike Mutka

Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer at Relias

Natasha Fisher

Direct Care, Service Coordination, QA, and Administration

Debi Damas

Product Manager for Senior Care, Relias

Kristi McClure

Product Manager for Health and Human Services, Relias

Gordon Decker

Product Manager for Corrections and Law Enforcement, Relias

Joan Kenerson King, APRN

Senior integration consultant for the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

Barbara Merrill

ANCOR VP of Public Policy

Why Attend Impact Nation?

Impact Nation has grown into a conference for all who are involved in staff education, improving patient care and outcomes, and assessing and nurturing staff skills. On top of the Relias LMS training during our pre-day workshops, this year’s 80+ sessions on the main days include session led by forward thinking and innovative industry experts and SMEs so we can THINK FORWARD on pay-for-performance model, compliance, data analytics, blended learning, on-boarding, integrated care, turnover/retention, an Executive Track focusing on high level business challenges, data and analytics and industry trends, plus up to 12 hours of onsite CEs on multi-disciplinary topics ranging from HR to clinical.

Impact Nation is ideal for and open to any individual or organization who uses online training in: Healthcare including both acute care and post-acute care, health and human services, autism and applied behavior analysis, public safety, payers, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.