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2018 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Raleigh, NC

    Employee Wellness Programs for Public Safety:  Affordable Strategies to Achieve Award-Winning Success


    Wednesday, Oct 3


    2:30pm - 3:20pm

    This dynamic session will provide members of Corrections, Probation and Law Enforcement with practical, affordable, science-based strategies to start a results-oriented wellness program that satisfies the highest expectations of Command Staff and greatest needs of employees.  Learn how to help employees reduce their daily aches and pains, increase daily energy, optimize body weight and measurably reduce risk of injury and illness.  Turnkey wellness program models that members of public safety have used to reduce annual workers’ compensation claims by $250,000, reduce employee weight by over 1,000 pounds and achieve international positive recognition in the IACP’s Police Chief Magazine, National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Tactical Athlete Journal and FBI Academy’s FBINA Associate magazine will be provided.  Employees deserve to feel their best so that they can do their best and live life to its fullest.  This session will equip you to pave their way to do so by helping them systematically optimize their strength and health.  


    Mandy Nice
    Mandy Nice is the President of The NICE Life, LLC, a corporate wellness firm providing science-based solutions to optimize employee resiliency, with a specialty for law enforcement. This past year, the success of her work was featured in two professional publications, the FBI National Academy Associate Magazine (November 2016) and The Police Chief Magazine (May 2017) of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Her programs, developed from more than ten years in the field, are designed to yield measurable results and include injury risk reduction, physical fitness, nutrition coaching, ergonomic coaching and stress management.