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2018 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Raleigh, NC

    Variance in ABA Dosage & Service Authorizations:  Current Industry Discussions


    Wednesday, Oct 3


    1:30pm - 2:20pm

    Session Description:

    Variation in Recommended ABA Treatment Hours: How Variance Impacts the Payor, the Practitioner and the ABA Industry at Large. There are some agencies that treat almost all their clients at 40 hours per week while there are other agencies that prescribe much less. Payors are discussing this now. Can we as an industry create language that educates, clairfies, and differentiates approaches within the field? If we don’t our payors will. Let’s start now.

    Learning Objectives:

    Identify most common bodies of research practitioners reference when making recommendations
    List 3 key factors clinicians consider when making recommendations.
    Reference sources that support various viewpoints.

    Target Audience:

    Psychologists, Social Workers, Human Resource Professionals, Administrators, Behavioral Health Counselor, that work in the ABA space.

    Accreditation Statements

    Behavior Analyst Certification Board: This course is designed to meet Type 2 CE requirements as outlined by the BACB.


    All other planning committee members have declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non -Financial Relationship exists.

    Completion Requirements

    In order to qualify for continuing education, attendee must perform the following:

    • Sign in/Sign Out of Session
    • Be present for the session in its entirety
    • Complete the session evaluation that will be emailed to participant within one week of conference
    • Certificates will be emailed to attendee within 30 days post-conference


    Cultural Competence Statement:

    All sessions offered by Relias are developed from a foundation of diversity, inclusiveness, and a multicultural perspective. Knowledge, values and awareness related to cultural competency are infused throughout the session.



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