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2018 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Raleigh, NC

    How Personalized Learning and Analytics Drive Improvements in Patient Outcomes and Risk Case Example: Early Outcomes of Mothers and Babies First and Implications in a Blended Learning Model


    Wednesday, Oct 3


    1:30pm - 2:20pm
    AWHONN and Relias have partnered to improve maternal mortality specifically in obstetric hemorrhage and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. This program is called Mothers and Babies First.  By using a blended model of education: eLearning, instructor lead training, simulation and team training, we will share how clients are seeing significant improvement in patient safety and risk mitigation
    • Participants will learn about blended learning
    • Participants will learn how assessment based/personalized learning helps identify variation in the understanding and application of evidenced based guidelines and practices.
    Participants will gain insight into using analytics to drive improvement in perinatal safety.


    John Harrington
    Lora Sparkman
    Clinical Effectiveness Consultant, Relias