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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

What is Data Analytics and Why Should My Organization Care? Use of Technology and Trends in Healthcare.


October 3


1:30PM - 2:20PM


Data Analytics Improving Outcomes

State of the Nation:   What’s happening inside the DC Beltline, where are we today with federal debate around healthcare, what do the changes to Medicaid and Medicare mean for health care organizations.   Hear from Dr. Joe Parks, Chief Medical Officer for the National Council of Behavioral Health about the road ahead for healthcare reform and how you can prepare your organization for survival and sustainability.   Hear Dr. Parks top 10 tips for provider survival in turbulent times!

Objectives include:

  • Have up to date information about federal debate of Medicaid and Health Exchanges.
  • Learn about the biggest risks for providers regarding dismantling of the ACA.
  • Learn about the opportunities that might present themselves for providers of behavioral health, substance use disorder, disability and long term care services.
  • Receive a Provider Survivor’s Guide—Top 10 or 5 tips for provider sustainability in 2018.


Dr. Joe Parks
Medical Director, the National Council for Behavioral Health
Carol Clayton
Relias Learning