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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

Relias PATHS™: Learning That Leads to Behavior Change


October 3


5:00PM - 5:50PM


Assessments and Adaptive Learning
While 84% of healthcare professionals report high usage of online training as part of their staff development, only one quarter of respondents are able to evaluate whether or not the training is actually working and being applied on the job. As healthcare companies are moving towards value-based pay models, it's even more urgent to make sure our professional development resources are tied to positive outcomes. Relias PATHS were created in response to this need. PATHS are prescriptive learning programs based on behavioral science that target measurable staff and organizational behaviors that directly impact key performance measures. This presentation will review the science and design behind the first iteration of PATHS and discuss future directions.


Emaley McCulloch, M.Ed., BCBA
Vice President, Relias Institute
Deb Woods
VP of Product Management, Relias Learning