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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

Leveraging Technology to Increase Capacity in Onboarding, Compliance, and Retention


October 3


2:30 PM - 3:20 PM


Staff Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention
Finding a learning management solution, like Relias, may seem like a quick and easy solution to in-house training needs, but like most projects, a focus on goals and anticipating roadblocks is necessary for a successful implementation. The technology we use is only as good as the amount of consideration for our workflow and preferences. Building a system that mimics the needs and habits of our communities and supports those needs allows for a smooth implementation and provides a foundation for growth and a focus on retention. When staff are able to expend less energy meeting the basics, the flexibility to spend time and energy on improving staff onboarding, retention and satisfaction opens the door to another level of organizational excellence.

This session will provide guidance on how to identify and discover unmet needs as well as provide lessons learned to engage your staff to ensure compliance and encourage professional development for all stakeholders at your organization.


Miriam Y. Vega, PhD
CEO, University Muslim Medical Assoc (UMMA) Community Clinic LA
Dana James
Member Programs Coordinator, CCALAC
Lisa Fisher
Director of Member Programs, CCALAC