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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

Course Writing-eLearning Master Class


October 2


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Training and Workshops

Bring your own laptop! We recommend you have Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You’ll receive a USB drive with all the materials you need to complete a simulated project as we go through the day.

Part 1: Off to a Great Start - Planning Your Course

The most effective trainings begin with taking stock of the big picture. Join us as we discuss how to choose the right approach, understand the importance of knowing your target audience, and learn how to write behavioral learning objectives that target performance improvement. We’ll also look at how to use the Action Mapping process pioneered by Cathy Moore to focus more on what learners need to do than what they need to know.


Part 2: Rubber, Meet the Road: Writing Your Course

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and create some content! In this interactive session, we’ll discuss the elements of a learning scenario and you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm and map scenarios of your own. We’ll also look at some tools you can use to brainstorm and map your scenarios. Explore writing templates vs storyboards, how to “hook” the learner, writing to evoke behavioral change, and working effectively with subject matter experts.


Part 3: Building your Course: Working with Authoring Tools

Want to squeeze even more value out of the Relias learning management system (LMS)? Learn to leverage multiple built-in tools to create training on the topics and processes most important to you and your staff! Share best practices about PowerPoint to SCORM, visual design, design templates and more.


Part 4: Quality Assurance

Have you ever had an amazing course fall apart in the QA process? If so, this session can help! Learn how to define quality criteria, set up a painless QA process and prepare your stakeholders to provide actionable feedback that's within your project scope.


Part 5: Make Your Test the Best!

How do you effectively write exam items to ensure learners have met the goals of your course? We’ll discuss best practices and common pitfalls in creating exam questions and responses.


Maria Samot
Director of Curriculum Research & Design, Relias
Dana Thomas
VP of Content, Relias Learning