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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

Cost-Saving Strategies for Injury Risk Reduction in Public Safety


October 3


1:30PM - 2:20PM


Public Safety

This powerful and engaging session will empower you to protect your most valuable asset, your employees.  An employee’s ability to survive and thrive hinges on the ability to remain strong and uninjured.  This truth resonates most closely with members of Public Safety, as they are expected to handle every situation with quick reaction time and physical strength that equates to “tactical athleticism.”  However, many incur painful, costly injuries on the job and in training that compromise their abilities, lower them to “Light Duty” status, leave their shift short-staffed and increase Worker’s Comp Claims.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police recognizes the detrimental effects that injuries have on employees (physically) and agencies (financially) and therefore strongly supports strategically reducing injury risk. This presentation will show you how.  Featured strategies are science-based, evidence-proven and easy to implement for little to no-cost.  Specific examples illustrate how to reduce injury risk in defensive tactics while maintaining appropriate training intensity and abiding by state-approved protocols.  Additional examples illustrate how to reduce civilian employee injury risk, specifically as it pertains to risk of slips, trips, falls and musculoskeletal / joint pain associated with employees in seated workstations.  Measurable results from these strategies have been proven to reduce Worker’s Comp claims by approximately $250,000 annually.


Mandy Nice
Wellness Program Manager, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office