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2017 Conference Schedule

October 2-4 / Orlando, FL

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Organizational Behavior Management for the ABA Practitioner


October 4


1:00 PM - 1:50 PM


Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism


Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is the application of behavior analysis toward the improvement of performance in business settings.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a behavior analytic approach to behavior change based primarily on the language processes of verbally sophisticated adults.  ABA practitioners utilize OBM every day in their work supervising front line staff and providing performance feedback.

The nature of ABA work, as a relatively stressful workplace with high staff turnover, is perfectly suited for ACT.  Essential ACT processes related to values-clarification, goal-setting, mindfulness, and perspective taking, can transform the functions of aversive work settings into ways of being that achieve valued life directions. 

This session will provide you with simple strategies to use in your work to help create a more committed staff that will ultimately improve the quality of services, reduce turnover, and save money for your agency.



Todd A. Ward, Ph.D., BCBA-D (bSci21Media/Divergent Startups)

Todd A. Ward received his Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from the University of Nevada, Reno, specializing in Organizational Behavior Management, Behavioral Systems Analysis, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.  He has provided clinical ABA services in homes, schools, and residential settings, and was the Director of Behavior Analysis Online at the University of North Texas.  Dr. Ward has successfully combined ACT elements with OBM interventions with staff and students in a variety of settings, including his current entrepreneurial coaching work as part of bSciEntrepreneurial and Divergent Startups.


Content Covers:

Organizational Behavior Management, Behavioral Systems Analysis, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


Target Audience:

BCBAs and business administrators


Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Participants will be able to define values from an ACT perspective.
  2. Participants will be able to describe how to use the Performance Diagnostic Checklist-Human Services and its purpose.
  3. Participants will be able to describe work processes in terms of Interlocking Behavioral Contingencies.
  4. Participants will be able to pinpoint work processes in their organization and design change interventions based on Key Performance Indicators.


Continuing Education Units:



Event Level:







There is no additional fee for this course beyond the cost paid for admission to the conference. Course completion requirements: Requires remaining in the room for the duration of the instruction and all learners must sign in and out with the official session proxy. Paper certificates will be immediately awarded upon completion.


Dr. Todd Ward, PhD, BCBA-D under Dr. Ramona Houmanfar at the University of Nevada, Reno
President, bSci21Media, LLC