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Sample Course

Five-Star Quality Rating System

About This Sample Course

Improving the quality of healthcare delivery

Measuring the quality of long-term care organizations is a difficult process, because they provide multidimensional care. Long-term care organizations address the physical aspects of care, but they also assess and treat other areas, such as social engagement, spirituality, mental health, and family education. This makes it difficult for consumers, their families, and caregivers to compare one long-term care organization to another.

Because of this, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created a system, called the Five-Star Quality Rating System, to help the public compare long-term care organizations. The Five-Star Quality Rating system evaluates the care and services your organization provides then assigns a star rating based on this evaluation.

These ratings are important to your organization since they communicate the quality of care and services you provide for your residents. Therefore, it is important for your organization to achieve the best possible rating by understanding the components and the data sources of the Five-Star Quality System Rating. In this course, you will learn the basics about the Five-Star Quality Rating System. You will also learn how CMS uses your organization’s quality measure, staffing, and health inspection data to calculate your overall star rating. Finally, you will learn measures that you can take to help increase your ratings.

This sample course helps healthcare professionals:

  • Understand the Five-Star Quality Rating System
  • Explain how the rating for each of the three domains is calculated
  • Describe the measures that can be taken to increase ratings


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