Ensuring Representation

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Recognizing there is always room for improvement, Relias performs internal audits and actively tracks sourcing, hiring, promotion, and attrition data to monitor our progress and keep us moving towards an increasingly equitable environment.

*Page updated January 2021


Gender Representation

Gender representation in Relias's workforce

We are proud that women occupy 32% of the technology roles and nearly 50% of the Relias workforce. Relias continues to work towards greater representation on our executive leadership team, currently comprised of 38% women.

Racial & Ethnic Representation

Relias is taking intentional steps to increase representation of racial and ethnic identities throughout the company, including leadership roles and the Management Group. People of color currently represent 23% of this executive team.
People of color in Relias's workforce

Generational Representation

With Gen. Z just starting to enter the job market, Millennials are our most prevalent group of employees, followed by a strong presence of Baby Boomers and Gen. X-ers. Relias continues to grow its workforce year over year and strives to maintain generational diversity.

Generational groups at Relias

Recruitment and Retention

To progress towards our goals, we focus on four key aspects to attract, recruit, and retain team members. Explore opportunities at Relias.

We’re committed to increasing relationships with HBCUs and attending recruitment events that include individuals with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans to develop a diverse talent pool. Our goal is to have 25% of our new hires identify as a person(s) of color.

As an education-tech company, we prioritize staff development and training. We require all employees to take cultural competency, diversity, and communication training to increase DEI fluency. We also train managers on how to recognize and combat implicit bias in day to day operations.  Our goal is to build self-awareness within our management ranks and to challenge them to cultivate psychologically safe, positive relationships with team members. However, at Relias, completing training isn’t enough.

We take it a step further by facilitating constructive and meaningful conversations throughout the company on an ongoing basis. Ensuring the dialogue continues on DEI topics creates a safe space, spurs important communication between team members, and fosters a sense of belonging. Individuals can better understand one another on a personal and professional level, leading to more productive interactions and motivating each of us to look past a title or role when engaging our colleagues. 

In addition to Flexible PTO, paid volunteer days, 14 days paid parental leave, and tuition reimbursement options, we offer benefits that ensure parity between same and different-sex spouses and partners, as well as transgender inclusive healthcare coverage. Learn more.

To ensure progress, Relias audits materials, pay, and practices. We’ve actively tracked data from sourcing efforts, hiring, promotions, and attrition for the last 4 years, including regularly analyzing leadership positions held by people of color and women, as well as equity across roles and promotion rates.

While there is always room for improvement, we’re proud to have seen a positive trend year over year in the represented populations of people of color and women, as well as an upward trend of people of color in leadership positions and a strong contingent of women working in technology roles (30%), which is above industry average.

In addition to auditing, monitoring metrics, and analyzing leadership positions, we also focus on creating an environment in which each person is valued for who they are and what they bring to the table. 

Whether an individual has a 30,000-foot or 30-foot view, Relias recognizes that their perspective matters because we believe diverse thinking spurs innovation and creativity. Therefore, we continuously work to cultivate an atmosphere where people and ideas are acknowledged and respected. 

At the end of the day, it’s our people who make the difference in our products and in the lives of our clients and those they serve. Our employees care deeply and excel in their work because they are people who help other people save lives. 

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Diversity Awards & Partnerships

We're proud of the steps we're taking. View our latest Diversity Awards and Partnerships, as they demonstrate how we're progressing our mission and vision.

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