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Corrections Training

Keep your organization safe and compliant with cost-effective corrections training

Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive

Effective, interactive training designed specifically for corrections and law enforcement professionals providing quality services in our communities.


Save Time and Money

Let your staff train anytime, anywhere, reducing training concerns and overtime expenses.

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AJA, APPA, & POST work with Relias to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our training.
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Access Relias' corrections courses or add your own. You can even manage live training programs.

Reducing Use of Force Incidents in a Correctional Setting

Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office uses online training to better prepare new jail staff

Minimizing use of force incidents

Corporal Harris, Training Officer with Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office describes how using Relias to train and onboard new hires streamlines the process, and Jail Commander Major Kinlein illustrates how quickly you can onboard and training with Relias, to exponentially exceed past traditional training rates. Corporal Harris also describes how attorneys pull training records when looking to build lawsuits, but their officers and staff use what they learn in their jobs and in practical situations, and his department sees a reduction in mistakes and this mitigates the liability and risk to his officers and department.


Juvenile Services Training

Relias offers a comprehensive library of online courses for professionals who work with a juvenile population


Our juvenile services courses are an important part of both our Corrections Essentials and Community Corrections Essentials libraries. The courses are designed to engage learners through an interactive learning environment and written by corrections professionals with expertise in their course subject areas. Each course is self-paced and includes a final exam; certificates may be printed upon successful completion of the course.

Coastal Horizons, NC TASC Training Institute

With populations running the gamut of society, there is an incredible cost to the state. Hear Dale Willet discuss how the NC TASC partners with Relias to adapt to an every changing environment in Public Safety and Public Health.

“(Using Relias) I’m seeing staff actually getting excited about online training.”
– Dale Willetts, NC TASC


Corrections Resources

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November 09 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections

Mental Health in Public Safety

This webinar provides a basic overview of what mental illness looks like in an offender and a brief discussion on the overlap of mental illness and the criminal justice system.

White Paper

June 29 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections PREA

10 Point PREA Audit Checklist

To be in compliance, it is important your organization be ready for a PREA audit at any time. These tips range across the entire spectrum of the audit process.


February 16 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections Law Enforcement

Body Worn Cameras

Learn how training is going to adjust to the changes in tactics that may be necessary when officers are wearing body-worn cameras.