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Relias Clinical Solutions: Relias OB and Relias Ed

An assessment-driven education and analytics platform that transforms how doctors and nurses learn though the power of data

Relias Clinical Solutions (formerly GNOSIS™) Help Your Hospital Improve Quality of Care and Patient Safety in High Risk Specialties, such as OB and ED

We help hospital leaders maximize limited resources on high-impact education for doctors and nurses. Our innovative, web-based platform allows your hospital to:


Assess Proficiency

Measure clinicians' knowledge and judgment through a validated assessment

Measure Learning

Deliver a personalized learning path prioritized by learning needs

Mitigate Risk

Utilize user-friendly analytics to identify opportunities for improvement

How Relias Clinical Solutions Work

Bringing the power of data to healthcare quality and patient safety through personalized learning

Measures Competency

Clinicians complete a comprehensive assessment that provides statistically-sound insight into clinicians' mastery of knowledge and judgment in high-risk areas of patient care.

  • Evaluation of evidence-based proficiency
  • Quantification of critical thinking skills
  • Benchmark individual scores and quantify team variation
  • Transparency into team performance
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Maximizes Learning

Based on an individual assessment, Relias Clinical Solutions delivers a personalized learning curriculum developed by medical experts. Each learning path is designed for effectiveness and efficiency because it excludes content the clinician has already mastered.

  • Learning prioritized by need in easy to absorb 2-8 minute segments
  • Content delivered online 24/7 with saved progress
  • Differentiated learning: video, text, illustration, cases
  • Accreditation for CME/CE

Mitigates Risk

Using real-time analytics, Relias OB and ED equips hospital leaders and risk managers with data to identify and invest in areas of training that improve quality of care, increase patient safety, and reduce the costs of adverse events.

  • Costs reduced by targeted training
  • Decisions supported by actionable data
  • Risk addressed through training programs
  • Outcomes improved with targeted learning
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The specialized training is able to identify, prioritize, and tailor key competencies for individual staff's continuing education.

- Barbara Pelletreau
Senior Vice President of Patient Safety, Dignity Health


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Benefits Relias OB and ED

Relias is different because it is a learning and analytic solution that offers data-driven insights to build high reliability

GNOSIS increases enggement

Increase Engagement

Clinicians spend more time engaged in Relias courses compared to long form course formats. Engagement increased 3 times for nurses and 6.7 times for providers.

GNOSIS improves clinical proficiency

Improve Clinical Proficiency

Assessment data showed that after clinicians completed their personalized learning path, those who scored in the lowest quartile increased scores by 37 percentile points. This moved those with below-average proficiency to above-average proficiency.

GNOSIS reduces seat time

Reduces Seat Time

Compared to traditional online course formats, Relias reduced seat time for providers by nearly 5 hours because it personalizes the curriculum based on proven competency.