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conquer your business challenges

What Are Your Business Challenges?

Turnover  |  Quality Outcomes  |  Reputation  |  Growth  |  Funding

You've Got a Lot on Your Mind

From ensuring regulatory compliance to staff retention and quality outcomes that can impact your reputation, your referrals, and your bottom line. At Relias, we don’t just understand your challenges; we are the leader at applying learning strategies to solve them.



Mitigate risk and keep up
with changing regulations.

staff development

Staff Development

Find, keep and develop employees
who deliver quality care.


Business Improvement

Improve key business indicators
through learning.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Help your managers implement effective strategies to retain valuable staff

reduce turnover

Facilitate Sustained Employee Retention

Employee turnover is a rising trend in healthcare and can be extremely costly to your organization - in dollars, time and quality.

Equipping your managers with tools to develop effective strategies to reduce employee turnover involves keeping staff engaged, providing them with opportunities for professional development and offering tools to promote wellness.

Manage and Track Regulatory Compliance

Create a first line of defense against risks ranging from citations to lawsuits.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Establishing a timely, effective compliance program that achieves regulatory compliance and helps mitigate your own specific risk issues is a top priority in the healthcare industry. It is also the first line of defense against risk ranging from survey citations to lawsuits.

Keeping up with new-hire orientation and annual training can be daunting and nearly impossible if you have a multi-location business with multiple business lines and layers of staff. Additionally, if you are in more than one state, your burden becomes more complicated.


Hire Using Best Practices

The most important task for managers is hiring the right people.

building organizational talent

Build Organizational Talent

Ensuring that your managers follow best practices when screening, interviewing and selecting candidates is crucial to the long-term performance and successful outcomes of your organization.

Implementing best practices in hiring means knowing the right things to look for when recruiting top talent, understanding the benefits and practice of behavioral interviewing and knowing how to successfully determine which candidates stand out above the rest.

Provide Feedback on Performance

Employees are your most valuable resource. Develop them.

Deliver Continuous Guidance

Successful organizations prepare for and deliver solid appraisals that recognize, direct and provide their staff with opportunities for growth.

Employees need immediate feedback on how they are performing day to day. However, many managers lack the skills and confidence to deliver positive and constructive feedback outside of the formal performance appraisal process.

Offering the skills and the time for managers to provide ongoing feedback to staff improves communication and sends a message to employees that their development is valued.


Manage Change Effectively

Change is Constant. Embrace it or get left behind.


Prepare for Changes in Healthcare

The first step in implementing organizational change is determining the vision. Communicating that vision is the next step, one that involves getting employee buy-in and commitment to the changes being made – which is not an easy task.

Managers need the skills to effectively communicate change. They need to learn how to address concerns and different perspectives. They also need to know how to provide positive reassurance along the way, that everyone is working toward a shared goal.

Learning to create a culture of open communication and how to inspire a shared vision of organizational goals are excellent steps on the path to successfully navigating change.