What keeps CEOs up at night? Well, here are just a few of the things that lead to sleepless nights for the person in the corner office: How can I attract and retain excellent staff? Once I do, how will they help us reach our organizational goals? How will I lead my staff as the industry prepares for the national implementation of the Excellence Act? How can our organization lead the way and remain relevant in this competitive market place?

While they may lead to execs counting sheep late into the night, these are the questions that drive innovation and lead to the kind of daring strategies, groundbreaking training concepts, revolutionary approaches to professional development and extraordinary leadership that will transform the behavioral health care industry.

This kind of inspiration should be recognized – and it is. Relias Learning is proud to support the National Council Change Maker Awards of Excellence that recognize several outstanding achievements in training and development and shine a light on the best of the best. Take a minute to look over the awards listed below and consider nominating yourself, a rising star you know or your organization.


Champions of Training and Workforce Development

Recognizes an organization or program that promotes professional development in the behavioral health field with respect to retention strategies, diversity and training structure.


Champions of Excellence

Recognizes an individual or organization that has used the Certificates of Excellence personally or as an organization as part of a strategy to promote professional development.


Rising Star

Recognizes an individual who has overcome significant challenges from living with a mental illness or substance use issue and has achieved success in the workforce. The honoree will be someone who has been recognized by their peers or superiors as having significant potential, demonstrating extraordinary leadership, courage and compassion.

The deadline to nominate yourself or someone you know is December 7. So don't delay!