An LMS is a solution that helps automate, manage and track all of your organization's training needs. These needs may include:

  • Assigning curriculums
  • Completing regulatory training
  • Continuing education
  • Staying compliant
  • Producing reports for auditors


Can an LMS meet my company's unique needs?

Yes it can. A good LMS is flexible and can easily be customized to fit the needs of your organization and specific individuals.  You may have specific needs that are based on:

  • Your industry
  • Local regulations
  • Employee count
  • Location
  • Individuals you serve

A good learning management system adjusts to fit your needs—not the other way around.


Is it expensive?

No, most companies notice significant cost savings when they switch to a learning management system.  Many organizations don’t realize how much they are spending on “wasted training expenses” including:

  • Reimbursing employees for hotels, gas, and food when they travel for training 
  • Paying for outside training instructors or individual classes
  • Backfilling roles of staff that are in training during work hours
  • Time and effort sourcing training, assigning classes and managing a training program  

These expenses can be reduced or eliminated with a learning management system.


How can I introduce online learning management to my company?

Getting started with a learning management system is probably easier than you think. Often, it can be done in four simple steps:

  • Identify a learning management system that meets your needs
  • Assign administrators to run the system
  • Identify the necessary training
  • Send that training to the appropriate staff

A good LMS provider will have an established training and implementation team that can get you up and running in as little as 30 days.