We solicited and analyzed responses from 4,000 executives, managers and training stakeholders to identify key trends, best practices and anticipated changes for staff development and training issues in their organizations. After tireless hours of data crunching and numerous edits, we’re proud to announce the release of the Relias Learning 2015 State of Training report! This report uncovers the national perspective on five broad staff development and training issues across industries:

  1. Perceived business alignment, value and impact of today’s staff development and training programs
  2. Principal training drivers and emerging influences
  3. Perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of existing training programs
  4. Current common practices in training management and delivery
  5. Budgeting and the economics of staff development and training

Relias_Learning_State_of_Training_2015In the course of our analysis, we identified two area of disagreement among management and non-management staff; business priorities and training tracking and reporting were not equally represented among both parties. Interestingly enough, more than 90% of respondents did believe that their staff development and training programs directly supported their #1 business priority, even though they varied in what their top priority was.

Our reports are for the executives responsible for driving organizational performance, as well as the individuals responsible for overseeing and delivering training programs. We hope that these reports can provide organizations with the opportunity to benchmark their current practices, investments, and beliefs against a national sample. We’ll have succeeded if these ultimately spark discussions on how to better improve staff training and workforce development across the nation.

To learn more about our key findings and the 2015 State of Training, please visit our 2015 State of Training page, or download one of our industry-specific reports: