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3 Posts in Sexuality

The Role of Diet in Helping People with Autism Lead Healthy, Sexual Lives

8 minute read

The role of diet in living a fulfilling, healthy life is often brought up on daytime television and across the internet. However, many forget the role diet plays in maintaining sexual health, and individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or intellectual disabilities may experience problems with sexual performance or erectile functioning. In fact, psychological disabilities or...

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Educating People with Autism About Sexual Health

7 minute read

Recently, the topic of sexual orientation was discussed in detail in the post, "The Battle of Sexuality: Helping Those With Disabilities Understand Their Sexuality.” However, overall sexual health involves much more than simply understanding how sexuality impacts those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs). Rather than focusing solely on sexuality, true sexual health must...

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The Battle of Sexuality: Helping Those With Disabilities Understand Their Sexuality

6 minute read

Those with disabilities fight many battles, but those with disabilities who also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) face an even harder fight. Regardless of personal beliefs, sexuality plays a significant role in healthy development, and those with disabilities need to understand how their sexuality impacts their lives.

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