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A Heart for Employee Retention

As you probably know, February is American Heart Month. Yes, it is meant to draw attention to heart (read ‘cardiac’) health, but let’s talk for a moment about the other reason February is the time to share the love. You will soon be surrounded by the exchange of chocolate, flowers, and heart-bearing Cupids stamped on Valentine’s Day cards bearing tidings of friendship and more. What better...

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4 Recruiting & Retaining Strategies You Can't Overlook

Is your organization hiring and protecting its most valuable (and most expensive) asset?  You’re probably aware that recruiting and retaining talented employees is vital to the long term stability of your organization.  But did you know it’s not as “touchy feely” as you may think?  Let’s explore some of the science behind finding the right folks and keeping them happy, under your roof, for the...

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