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To those who work in the medical industry, acronyms and abbreviations are nothing new. To the uninitiated, the venerable storm of alphabet soup may seem counter-productive; but ask a seasoned nurse, doctor, or anyone else who knows the joys of meticulously charting every second of every day, and you’ll likely be given an answer that is more along the lines of a love/hate relationship. It’s a...

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Care Coordination: Why Is It More Important Now for Healthcare Organizations to Improve?

I grew up as the youngest of 2 girls in a tight knit family in the Midwest.  We were a pretty regular family by most people's definition. Though I went on to college, marriage and family while maintaining a fulfilling career in Software, my sister had a very different path. After a tumultuous period in late middle school, my sister began smoking, experimented with drugs and alcohol, skipped...

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The Opioid Epidemic: 5 Questions to Consider When Developing a Strategy

For years, opioid misuse and abuse has been an emerging issue in healthcare. From the tragic impact on families and communities to the staggering cost growth, the opioid epidemic has gone from being an issue to the issue. Many states are currently taking an active role or determining their future role in combating the epidemic by requiring clinicians to dedicate a portion of their continuing...

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How GPS Technology is Helping Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Global positioning systems have made enormous changes in the way we travel and now this same technology is making great strides in helping individuals manage their type 2 diabetes. Thed-Nav is an innovative device created by Hygieia that automatically maps out a patient’s insulin treatment by charting his or her glucose readings. The creators term the device a “Diabetes Insulin Guidance...

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