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2 Posts in Nursing Facility Five Star Rating System

CMS Updates SNF Five-Star System to Include New Quality Measures - July 2016

6 minute read

Near the end of July, SNF providers will have their SNF Five-Star ratings updated.  SNF providers will notice several differences in how the star ratings are calculated and these differences may have an impact on your facility’s overall Five-Star rating.  In this article we will highlight the major differences announced by CMS.

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CMS Introduces Six New Quality Measures and Upcoming Changes to The Nursing Facility Five-Star Rating System

5 minute read

During the SNF Open Door Forum (ODF) held on Thursday, March 3 CMS introduced six new Quality Measures that will be reported on the Nursing Home Compare (NHC) website in April 2016.  The six new Quality Measures that will be reported on NHC will include four short-stay measures and two long-stay measures.  In addition, three of the new Quality Measures will be claims-based measures.  This is a...

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