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4 Posts in Home Health Care

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Advance Care Planning Conversation Skills

5 minute read

You’ve probably noticed that advance care planning (ACP) conversations are gaining attention as an important intervention in healthcare. Why? Most importantly, good ACP conversations help people get the kind of care at the end of life that is consistent with their personal goals and wishes. In addition, studies show that advance care planning conversations improve multiple outcomes including...

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First Steps in Emergency Management for Home-Based Care

6 minute read

In September of 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a final rule for the Condition of Participation (CoP) on emergency preparedness requirements for Medicare and Medicaid certified agencies. The new Appendix Z of the Medicare State Operations Manual is specifically designed for emergency preparedness. It focuses on specific principles of protecting access to...

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Developing an Interdisciplinary, Individualized Plan of Care in Home Health Care

7 minute read

According to recent statistics, home health referrals after acute care hospitalization have exploded, growing 65% to 3.7 million in slightly more than a decade (Jones, Bowles, Richard, Boxer, & Masoudi, 2017). Individualized patient care planning has always been the cornerstone of efficient and effective care delivery in home healthcare, and this focus is now considered a non-negotiable part...

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Changes in Home Health Required Beneficiary Notices

1 minute read

Effective 1/17/2017 CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is discontinuing the Home Health Advance Beneficiary Notice [HHABN]! CMS is not discontinuing, nor changing, the requirements for beneficiary notifications. Only the FORM(S) are changing.

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