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Burnout in Five Key States: The Problem Persists

High turnover rates and burnout are major problems affecting the quality and frequency of care among children, youth and family services’ providers, senior caregivers and direct support professionals. Although some states are experiencing an increase in the severity of the burnout problem, other states are using higher salaries as an incentive to reduce turnover. Fortunately, examples from...

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16 Ways to Stop Burnout Among Children's Service Providers

Burnout and turnover rates among children’s service providers, including social workers, varies in severity across the United States. However, some areas may experience turnover rates of up to 90 percent, reports the Child Welfare and Information Gateway (CWIG).

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Burnout Drives National Exodus of Child, Youth and Family Service Workers

Providing services to children, youth and families as a social worker or case manager is a rewarding, fulfilling career. However, extenuating, chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors between such workers and those in need of services lends this sector of health and human services a bad stereotype. Children and youth may be the victims of child abuse, and continuing changing of assigned...

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12 Gifts of Care for the Caregiver: How to Reduce Employee Burnout

By 2024, the health and human services (HHS) industry is expected to grow 10 percent, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This reflects faster growth for all positions in HHS, ranging from health community workers to behavioral and addiction counselors and beyond. Every year, the holiday season represents one of the greatest periods of stress your staff may experience, which can spur...

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