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Autism, Anxiety and Depression: What You Need to Know About Comorbidity

The conversation on successfully managing the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) often results in forgetting about the possibility of other mental health conditions. In fact, many people with an ASD suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. In a recent study by Spectrum News, researchers found up to 86 percent of adult men with autism have at least one other co-occurring...

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Can Depression Affect an Individual’s Physical Health?

Yes, it is true that depression can affect one’s physical health. Sadly, the stigma attached to mental illness remains: These negative stereotypes affect individuals with mental health conditions because they may forego treatment, which could eventually lead to physical health issues.

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What You Need to Know About Elderly Depression

Depression is more than just a passing mood. It is a condition presenting persistent withdrawal from previously enjoyed activities, difficulty sleeping, physical discomforts and feelings of “slowing down.” Depression is most often associated with sad feelings but it may occur without sadness.

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