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Five Ways to Develop Courses that Engage Adult Learners

If you’re creating training courses for your adult staff members, you probably already know that you have to use different techniques than you might if you were in a primary education setting. Here are five tips on how to combine content and technology best practices to up your game.

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Blended Training: Have You Charted Your Course?

Blended training has attracted lots of interest in the learning community. As is often the case with new ideas that generate broad interest and discussion, people have slightly different perspectives on what the concept means. For this post, think of blended training (or blended learning) as some combination of individual online education that is paired with any of several types of group or...

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Respect Your Learners

Aretha Franklin knew the value of it when the lyrics traveled from her mouth into ears across the world, uniting us all in one way or another:

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Asking the question: “Is our training practical?”

Television Theory 302

Television theory was a college course that made me say to myself, “Wow, there is nothing in this class that applies to my future.” It was filler—an elective course to get easy credits to meet graduation standards. Sure, it was easy, but such a waste of time. If I weren’t required to meet a number of credit hours to graduate, I definitely would not have willingly taken it.

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Strive for Goal-Oriented Learning

We all have goals.

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Applying the Principles of Adult Learning

Imagine a company that focuses on the art and science of adult learning so that you don’t have to fall into the habit of “checking off boxes” when training your staff. Imagine a fully engaged workforce that actually looks forward to training!

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Study Finds eLearning Can Be as Successful as Traditional Training for Health Professionals

In a published study, the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that eLearning is likely to be as effective as traditional methods of training health professionals.

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