There’s nothing like being recognized and distinguished among your peers for your hard work. It reaffirms your dedication, drive, and yes, your organization. This is exactly what’s happening for 32 percent of our nursing home customers.

Let me take a step back. For those who aren’t aware, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established their Five-Star Quality Rating System in 2008 for consumers to compare performance of nursing homes participating in Medicare and Medicaid. In 2012, only 15.9 percent of all nursing homes received a five-star rating (the highest rating) from CMS, compared to 32 percent of Relias Learning’s nursing home customers receiving this recognition!

The rating system is based on performance in three categories: Health Inspections, Quality Measures and Staffing. Quality Measures involve more than 12 million assessments of the physical and clinical conditions of nursing home residents. Staff training is considered in this category, along with a staff’s ability to perform, which requires efficient training.

So it comes as no surprise that a good portion of our nursing home customers are receiving this amazing distinction. These outstanding facilities are able to take full advantage of Relias Learning’s customizable learning management solutions, and ensure their staff is well-trained. Penn Hall at Menno Haven, which is a five-star facility and Relias Learning customer, is a great example:

“Before switching to online training, it was virtually impossible for us to reach compliance rates above 70 percent,” says Denny Hartman, director of staff development of Menno Haven Communities“Now we don’t settle for anything less than 100 percent.”

How about that for drive and dedication? Now they don’t settle for anything less than100 percent. Hartman also highlights that “the customizable features offered by Relias give our staff members a sense of empowerment – employees can choose their own lessons and take the courses on their own time.”

I honestly believe that the most successful facilities form smart partnerships. This allows them to become better trained, staffed and further stand apart from their peers. We value our partnerships with our customers, and strive as an organization to meet the needs of them all. We offer the highest-quality training so that our customers can provide the best possible care.

Congratulations to all of the Relias customers who have earned this outstanding distinction!