Simple Vendor or Seasoned Business Partner? Choose Wisely.

We all desire business partners who “get” what we do.  In today’s fast paced, challenging environments, we can no longer tolerate vendors who put their needs above our own.  Fast talkers, slick presentations, –  who’s got time for that, right?

At Relias, we have been a business partner to our clients for many years.  Under a variety of well known industry brands, we’ve brought compliance coverage and education topics to our clients across a wide continuum of care.

We’ve also been an active participant in the industry, and are the preferred provider chosen by top organizations, both large and small.

We Know When You Need More

Organizational change isn’t easy even when you desire a changed state.  When you are forced to change, as we often are in healthcare, it can come with a fast timeline and hard deliverables.

Managers that lack managerial skills are more common than you think.    Unlocking productivity takes a management team that is adept at performance feedback, and not just at certain, predetermined times, but every day in every way.

Setting your workforce on fire for their jobs takes development anchored in your culture and rewarded for performance.  Word of mouth referral from your residents and clients is the best advertising you can have, and that demands an engaged workforce and solid communication behaviors.

And believe it or not, it’s not as hard as you think.  It’s only hard because most operators don’t have a background in learning.  And learning has never been more timely or more necessary than it is today.

I think it was Jack Welch who said:

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Basic compliance coverage, while important, isn’t sufficient in today’s world to change behaviors that drive your business.

Let Relias Help

We’ve been hard at work sourcing you the best topics and talent to support you in your journey.

We have the technology to move the needle, whether that be communication or tracking behavioral change.  We have courseware leveraged by Fortune 100 companies across the globe designed specifically to help you develop your managers and your workforce to keep them engaged and productive.  And lastly, we have the expertise both in the industry and in the science of learning and behavioral change to help you maximize your education investment and rethink your development strategies from leadership development to new employee onboarding and orientation.

Your education decisions should be based on real measurable outcomes, just like your business – with a partner that can help you design and deliver real impact.  When stakes are high, we’ve got your back!

Jan Wilson

Director of Learning Design and Outcomes, Relias

Director of Learning Designs and Outcomes at Relias, Jan brings over 25 years of technology, human resources and learning expertise to the Relias team. Her experience in senior care spans more than a decade, including serving as a senior executive of learning strategy with one of the country's largest providers. As an organizational development consultant, she has provided strategic planning, process alignment, curriculum development and planning, and learning solutions to a variety of clients in pharma, healthcare and state governments.

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