Here at Relias, we’re fortunate to work with more than 4,000 amazing organizations and their administrators, learners, and trainers. For us, providing excellent content on a reliable learning management system to those helping society’s most vulnerable members, is important. Not only important, but tremendously gratifying too.

Today, we’d like to take a moment and acknowledge a few of those amazing organizations and individuals who make what we do worth it. This year at Impact Nation – the premier healthcare training and development conference, we recognized organizations for their outstanding accomplishments in four categories: Corporate culture, creativity, bottom line, and implementation.


Corporate Culture: Kisco Senior Living

Our award for corporate culture recognizes an organization that achieved goals including (but not limited to) aligning corporate culture, increasing transparency and accountability, and introducing a high-performance culture to the organization. For their focus on developing and implementing a “Learning-Driven Culture,” the winner is Kisco Senior Living!

Kisco Senior Living has truly lived up to the principle and value of fostering a learning environment; their associates must complete 2 trainings each month, they have created 37 job-specific curriculum groups to assign and track compliance, and have created “Learning Adventures” videos that are followed by facilitated discussions of the topics to home office associates 4-6 times per year. They extend this learning culture beyond their staff by coordinating programs and events for residents to learn from each other and outside community professionals.


Creativity: CommCare Corporation of Louisiana

To highlight “out-of-the-box” solutions using their Relias Learning Management System (RLMS), we awarded CommCare Corporation of Louisiana our creativity award. Emphasizing use above and beyond the traditional RLMS usage, they launched an Influenza Prevention Campaign to help promote education and course completions.

In preparation for influenza season, and to adequately prepare their staff for it, they assigned their staff: Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment, Influenza Prevention Protocol for Senior Care, Lower Respiratory Infections – Prevention and Management, Pneumonia and Bronchitis Management, and Rapid Review: Components of a Respiratory Assessment.


Bottom Line: The Arc of Steuben

The winner of our Bottom Line award, The Arc of Steuben, has saved a substantial amount of money after implementing the Relias Learning Management System at their organization. The Arc of Steuben will, over time, have savings upward of six figures – with immediate savings of $6,500 in support fees for their old training solution.


Implementation: Fortis Management Group, LLC

After four implementations in one year, Fortis Management Group, LLC was the winner of our Implementation award. Those implementations included 209 centers, 6,900 learners, and 450 Relias supervisors! Already, Fortis has achieved a 96% completion rate, a 90% compliance rate, completed 54,421 courses, at 8.9 courses completed per user.

We’re proud of all of our customers, and love to hear what folks are doing at their organizations. Tell us how you’re making your organization great, and making the most of your RLMS, in the comments below!


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