Q & A: How Gaming Elements Engage Your Learners and Boost Compliance

We shared a lot of great content during our webinar on December 17, 2015. To further highlight How Gaming Elements Engage Your Learners and Boost Compliance, Miguel Mojado – Relias Site Administrator for the California Department of Veteran Affairs – agreed to share some personal insight and experience with all of you.


Please tell us a little about yourself and the organization you work for.

My name is Miguel Mojado. I am the Relias Site Administrator for the CA Department of Veteran Affairs (aka CALVET) and the Statewide Supervisor of Education & Training for CALVET’s Homes Division. I am a  supervising registered nurse and a Board of Registered Nurse authorized provider of continuing education for RNs in the State of CA.


How long have you been using Relias (online training)?

Our organization transitioned from Silverchair to Relias LMS in 2014. So technically, we started building our annual curriculum using Relias as a platform in January 2014.


What was the deciding factor to turn on gaming elements in your RLMS? (what were you looking to solve?)

I was impressed by the studies done on gamification as an added feature in a learning platform. Gamification is the 4th most desired feature based on a recent LMS user research by Capterra. In a 2014 survey, 89% of learning management system users said that they would be more engaged with their learning application if it had a point system (eLearning Industry, 2015). As a supervisor, I have the ability to decide what direction to take our education and training programs.   When Relias offered gamification as a cost- free feature, I grabbed the opportunity because of its huge promise of enhancing learning outcomes. The gamified elements can improve the learning environment and give intrinsic motivation to users.


Have you noticed any increase in your compliance?

We turned on our gamification feature last October 2015; the long term effect is yet to materialize.  But looking at our November data, the numbers look promising as 5 of our 8 veterans’ homes reached > 90% compliance. Halfway through December, 2 of our homes have reached 90% and 92%  respectively in their compliance rating, with another 4 homes in the 70% compliance rating mark!


Have you noticed any increase in learner engagement?

Engagement has definitely increased. Many learners expressed their excitement over the gamified elements in our system. We have heard our employees frequently discussing the merits of leaderboard and the embellishment they’ve done with their crests. Our leaders are more focused on how they can improve since the leaderboard shows real time status of learning activity.


Has the leaderboard created a friendly competition with your staff and departments?

It has shown the individual veterans’ homes their current standing with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, it’s hard to compare each facility because of the differences in size. There was a suggestion to break the leaderboard to various departments in each home. But I found this to be more complicated to do since in our users may belong to 2 or 3 departments. For now, all homes are competing with each other based on our hierarchical arrangements. The nurse instructors and training officers fostered a friendly competition which helps boost the morale of our teams. I am planning to break down the leaderboard to departments which hopefully will stimulate more friendly rivalry within the individual home and among peers.


Overall would you say gaming elements have helped create a “fun” training atmosphere?

It has certainly brought fun and satisfaction to the otherwise traditional online learning. Tracking your own progress and the employee achievement metrics now becomes more personal. The customizable crest with coins, points, badges and leaderboard create a fun social atmosphere while doing the mundane task of completing training modules. This has brought positive energy in the workforce. Gamification evokes friendly competition, provides users with a sense of achievement and changes their behavior towards training. It is truly gratifying for a user that after completing a task, to be able to earn coins to decorate a custom- made crest which says about your personality and foster a sense of accomplishment.


To learn more about our gaming elements and how they help engage your learners, view our webinar: Throw Out Your Preconceptions: How Gaming Elements Engage Your Learners and Boost Compliance.

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