Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a wonderful break, and were able to reflect on 2015 and its many lessons. What better way to start off 2016 than reading – or rereading – our most impactful blog posts of last year?

These are the posts our readers engaged with the most. They covered everything from the future of healthcare to the benefits of automating your staff training. These posts have something to offer everyone, and give a great recap on how to be a healthcare and staff training all-star.

1) High-Impact Changes in the Healthcare Environment: How Will You Adapt?

Here, our very own Dr. McCleery, discusses the 6 changes he’s watching shape the future of the healthcare industry. In it, you’ll read about the rise of “pay-for-performance” systems, increased demand because of more universal insurance coverage, and how technology and data will be effecting everyone in the industry.

2) Blended Training: Have You Charted Your Course?

Towards the end of 2014, we conducted a national survey to try and understand how training was changing for the healthcare market. In January 2015, the Relias Learning 2015 State of Training was born out of that survey. A thorough and extensive analysis of our findings, our readers loved reading the – specific to their markets – reports linked at the end of this posts.

3) Effective Strategies for Onboarding New Staff: Questions and Answers

What happens when we host an exciting webinar, with some great questions? We give you a Q&A post! This particular post was warranted due to the excitement and level of engagement we witnessed during our live webinar. We listen to our audience, and clearly, this was something folks wanted to learn about!

4) Faster training with ready-to-use course plan templates

This post, dedicated to all of our HR professionals, was insightful – and very entertaining. It helped new users (and potential new users) tackle their new learning management system. With ready-to-use course plan templates, implementation of a new system isn’t as difficult – or scary – as some people might think.

5) The Future of Behavioral Science and Healthcare

We focused a lot on the future of healthcare during the 2nd half of 2015. (Visit our Future of Healthcare tag to see all the posts.) This post focused on legislation that began to shape the future of behavioral health change as well. Emaley McCulloch, our VP of the Relias Institute, wrote an excellent read about the interconnected future of healthcare and the behavioral sciences.

6) The Seventh Trend: Workforce Shortages

Dr. McCleery, working on a tip from an advisory board member, took a deep dive into the data regarding the healthcare workforce. Adding to his original future of healthcare changes post, listed at #1, he wrote this equally telling analysis of his findings. Workforce shortages is something all organizations across the healthcare spectrum need to be mindful of!

7) Changes affecting the future of the intellectual and developmental disability field

Here we sat down with Natasha Fisher, Product Manager for IDD here at Relias, and discussed the future of the intellectual and developmental disability field. What changes were coming? How could organizations prepare themselves? How can technology help and improve them currently? Another amazing post regarding the future of healthcare!

8) Benefits of Automating Your Staff Training

Onboarding new staff can be stressful, and a regular occurrence for some, so we wanted to try and make it easier for folks. Learn the benefits of automating your staff training, and how you can use technology to better your onboarding and relieve some stress.

9) Top limitation of training programs in senior care? Not enough time!

This post highlighted the top limitation our 2015 State of Training found among senior care organizations. While lack of time was the top limitation in the senior care field, we found it was prevalent in all of our fields! Read this post to find out how you might go about addressing this issue in the future.

10) Keeping the Care in Healthcare

Last, but definitely not least, comes a post about never losing sight of the central importance and power of human interaction and caring in healthcare. Dr. McCleery wrote this wonderful piece detailing the importance, and value, around ensuring organizations continue to provide competent and compassionate care for the people they serve.

We published many amazing posts from awesome writers, and we hope you’ve enjoyed them. Our plan is to continue delivering great content all throughout 2016, so make sure to stay tuned!


What was your favorite post from us last year? Have suggestions for posts you’d like to see in 2016? Tell us in the comments below!