“In 7 years’ time, 7 psychiatrists, 4 psychologist, countless therapists, 2 misdiagnoses, over 20 medications, I was finally figuring my mental illness out.”

Happy New Year! We hope everyone was able to ring in the New Year among family and friends. In this latest installment of Monday Musings – an occasional series intended to provide you with some great content and links we’ve found recently – we share a powerful video created by BuzzFeed.

During last year’s Mental Health Week, BuzzFeed’s team released many posts surrounding mental health. Their aim, knowing how difficult it can be to discuss – and live with – mental illness, was to provide their audience with plenty of personal accounts regarding mental health. We found many of these posts to be informative, empowering, and touching.

The following 4-minute video highlights one woman’s journey with mental health – and her seven years of many pills.



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