Training is critically important to us here at Relias, and we know it’s important to you too. We see more than 2 million users completing an average of 47 courses per minute on our system, so we know training impacts people across the industries we serve. Given the critical responsibilities you and your organizations manage, we’re passionate about providing you with the best content and training.

This is why we’ve created the health care industry’s premier training conference: Impact Nation October 6th-8th, 2015 in New Orleans, LA. We’re providing you with three days packed with sessions that connect you to the future of training. We have an array of exciting speakers to engage and challenge your thoughts to help you create and foster a culture of learning at your organizations; it’ll be the best expo on training, education, and workforce development available!

Last year we saw how effective our annual user group was, and realized we could make it even better. We listened to your feedback and made this level of hands-on training even more accessible by doubling the number of our regional user meetings. Coupled with that, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making Impact Nation the best health care training conference in the nation.


Engaging Keynotes

In addition to our many training sessions, you’ll enjoy two keynotes designed to leave you energized and inspired. Headlining our keynote stage this year is John Jacobs, co-founder and Chief Creative Optimist of The Life is good clothing company! John and The Life is good company are living proof that “optimism can take you anywhere.” Impact Nation attendees are sure to feel the good vibes throughout this year’s conference. We promise you won’t want to miss his Life is good session.

The other highly anticipated keynote comes from our very own CEO, Jim Triandiflou! Triandiflou will be delivering The State of Training, an in-depth analysis of the history and future of the healthcare and training industries. The presentation will cover how these industries have evolved over time and how changes to the industries will affect each of us – and our clients – in the near future.


Become a Content Developer

We’re excited about our new content developer track. Attendees who select this track will participate in six sessions dedicated to training you to become your own content developer! During these sessions we’ll share our secrets and best practices for building your own courses and providing custom staff training to your organizations.

During this track, you’ll learn how to build courses the Relias way, the basics of instructional design, how to evaluate the affordable tools and equipment we use in the e-learning trade, and more! We provide you with the very best industry-oriented content, but we know there are courses and topics specific to your organization. Empowering you to create your own courses and content lets you get even more value out of the RLMS.

Trust us – you don’t want to miss Impact Nation – visit our event site for registration, up-to-date information, and announcements about what you can expect in New Orleans this October!