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Happy Clients Start With Happy Employees

Home health and home care sit at the intersection of customer service and healthcare. In addition to the operational excellence required to maximize reimbursements, your organization will need to excel in customer service in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage amongst your peers. In the first of this series, we will discuss one key component of using your people strategy as a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing part of the healthcare industry.

Creative Hiring Strategies – Mining For Skills That Matter

Where are you recruiting your talent pool? Are you using traditional methods like online job boards and employee referrals? Are the candidates you are finding mostly looking for a paycheck? If traditional recruitment channels are failing to provide the candidates you are hoping for, try this exercise. I’ve taken the liberty of mocking some sample answers below.

1) List the characteristics you are seeking in a candidate.

Excellent customer service. Passion for serving.

2) Where do I usually see people with these characteristics?

At my daughter’s school where the parents often volunteer. At my local religious organization. At neighborhood restaurants serving or waiting.

3) Take one of these personas. Imagine a specific person with the characteristics you outlined and the setting that they may go to. What would these people in my target recruitment group hope to develop by working at my organization?

Several of the parents at my daughter’s school are struggling with sending their kids off to school and are wanting to find something meaningful to devote their time to without entering back into the workforce full-time or accepting the stress of corporate America.


This exercise has helped organizations consider their local population’s talent supply and leverage opportunities to find candidates before they have even begun the job search. Here are a few gems that have been uncovered:

  • A local community with an older than average population tapped into their AARP network to offer part-time jobs to able-bodied seniors who could help with cooking and grocery shopping for others who were less-able. Seniors Helping Seniors is an example of this model.
  • One organization, who had seemingly exhausted hiring part-time workers ranging from students to those interested in a limited work schedule, amended their strategy. They started targeting recent empty-nesters and staffed them particularly with children with special needs. They found ways to target empty-nesters who weren’t even looking for a job by presenting the opportunity in a way that was meaningful to their target audience. Here’s a hint – it didn’t lead with pay or salary.
  • Another organization listed “Quick learner” as a key trait in their staff. Once they identified students of every kind as their target employee, they learned that students were hungry for meaningful resume building work experience. So, the organization revamped their model. They created schedules where people were careers one day a week, phone and scheduling another day, and billing/finance another. Large home health organizations like Bayada have developed more structured Leadership Development Programs, but you don’t need to be a large organization to see the benefit of rotational development programs.

By understanding the desires of potential candidates, these organizations were able to tap into previously untapped talent pools. In fact, with the wider selection of candidates, these organizations were even able to be more “choosy” about who they brought onboard. Where are you looking for candidates? Where do people with the characteristics that define your brand hang out? You’ll find candidates some unlikely places. Maybe you are looking for someone interested in serving. Start with reaching out about service opportunities vs. leading with pay. Whether your organization is quickly expanding and you need additional staff or you are just starting to build your organization’s market niche, your staff can have a major impact on your operational function, unique brand, and client satisfaction.

Want to learn more about best hiring practices? View the on-demand webinar, Hiring in Healthcare: How to Find your Unicorns, for strategies on how to make data informed hiring decisions.


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Katrina Ong

Katrina Ong joined the Relias product management team in September 2013 with a specific focus on home health and home care. She has served throughout the Product Management organization in various roles including product penetration and new product development in post-acute care and new product introduction into the UK, Germany, and China markets. She is currently focused on change management and product launch. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Human and Organizational Development and Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

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