Photo_for_ElliotMaking sure staff is properly and adequately trained should be considered top priority for all organizations. Without proper training, your own staff may be hindering your organization’s daily operations and growth. Here at Relias Learning, we know how important staff training is for an organization’s long-term success, and have come to understand that it all comes down to learning management.


What is learning management?

To fully understand the importance of establishing learning management in your organization, we first must define it. Learning management is the process of acquiring knowledge or skill through training developed or implemented through an organization.

The type of learning management done at your organization will ultimately define you. Learning management will ensure your success, and help you better develop your internal talent. By properly training your staff, you’re more likely to retain current employees, and better positioned to entice potential new hires.

Given the technological advances we’ve experienced in the last few years, companies are becoming better equipped to foster ‘home-grown’ talent. If your organization is staying current, you’ll have no problems doing so; you’ll be equipping your staff with the tools and resources they need to better themselves.


Learning management systems

While implementing learning management in your organization is pivotal, the best way to do so is with a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a solution that helps automate, manage, and track your organization’s training. Think carefully about your current and future staff training needs as you evaluate LMS options.

Relias Learning Management SystemThese needs may include assigning curriculums, completing regulatory training, continuing education, staying compliant, and producing reports for auditors. Our industry-leading platform is designed to meet the learning needs of staff in the health and human services, corrections, law enforcement, intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism/ABA, and senior care industries. Relias Learning offers one-on-one demos, so you can take a look for yourself.

Not ready for a demo? Not to worry. We’ve set up a survey that lets you evaluate how you’re currently running your staff training and learning management, and see where you might have opportunities to grow. Give it a try, and see how you measure up.

I also invite you to read about the 7 new rules of staff training that every organization needs to adopt moving forward. These 7 rules are essential to ensuring that you and your organization are staying on top of the changing times. Is your organization incorporating any of those 7 new rules? How are you handling learning management?