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By | May 12, 2015

An HR professional walks into a bar…

Ahem… wrong blog. Let’s start over.

An HR professional is handed a shiny, new learning management system. She is excited. It has bells. It has whistles. It will save her a ton of time, and she can finally create the required training plans for her staff.  Life is good!

There is only one tiny problem: She has no clue where to begin. (OK, maybe not so tiny.)

Where do I start?

Many people find themselves in a similar situation. No matter how spiffed-up the learning management system, training often gets pushed to the back burner if course plans cannot be quickly and easily created. Why? Since most organizations don’t have dedicated training experts on staff, the people responsible for administering training are also responsible for a multitude of other things. They can’t afford to waste time figuring out what courses are needed, how often, for whom and at what time.  They need a fast and easy solution.

Our busy HR professional gets notice of an upcoming audit. She doesn’t have the option of pushing training to the back burner because she has to provide transcripts showing the course plans have been completed. Yes, the same course plans she still has to figure out how to create. She scrambles, tries to throw something together, and hopes for the best.  She is left frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Why re-create the wheel?

Just as people create templates for spreadsheets, documents and emails to save time; wouldn’t it make sense to do the same with course plans? Certainly, if a fast and easy solution is what people need, this is it! Let’s see how this would look through the eyes of our HR professional:

She logs into her learning management system and quickly locates an assortment of pre-built, ready-to-use course plan templates. The templates are organized by role and sortable by frequency (does she need a one-time training plan or should it recur annually?). She can also easily customize the templates with the click of a button based on her organization’s specific requirements (does she need to add, remove or swap out a course?). Her frustration diminishes and she is no longer overwhelmed by the myriad of course choices.

Using course plan templates allows training administrators the comfort of knowing they have a place to start. In fact, they’ll save so much time that their organization just might think they actually do have a dedicated training expert on staff!

Jeanine D’Alusio

Jeanine is a senior content marketing manager at Relias. Prior to her career in marketing, Jeanine worked extensively in human resources and learning and development. She has more than ten years of nonprofit experience and was a client of Relias prior to joining the company, serving as an HR Director at a multi-service mental health and community services organization. In her spare time, Jeanine enjoys writing, road trips, and, as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, helping her clients feel better.

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