“How can you have an extraordinary work experience if at the end of the day you didn’t feel like you made a difference, and weren’t completely sure whether you were properly trained or qualified to do the work you’re committed to?”

This is a question Mike Smith doesn’t have to ask his staff.

As an administrator for Wheat State Manor, Mike has implemented a training program designed to keep staff motivated and passionate about what they do on a daily basis. Right from the day an employee gets started, Wheat State Manor instills three qualities needed to maintain a dedicated workforce.

“Knowledge, skill, and attitude. The knowledge part is really informational and we get a lot of that through online training,” explains Mike, who has been working in long term care for 41 years. “The skill part of it is the how-to and the attitude is the why. So it’s what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.”  Buying in to these necessary qualities has pushed Wheat State Manor close to 100% compliance among staff. But that wasn’t always the case.

When Wheat State Manor added online training from Relias Learning back in 2010, it was to improve compliance and staff engagement. “Our training requirements dictated by the state are 100% compliance per person,” Mike explains, “At the time we only had 30% percent compliance, and we weren’t okay with that. We started to ask ourselves, ‘how can we get closer to 100%?’”

To try and solve this issue, Mike and Wheat State decided to try Relias, and within the first year saw impactful results. “There was a learning curve with getting everyone set up and logged in—but we had such a dramatic increase in completed training after the first year that we’ve been using it ever since.”

Wheat State Manor continues to run at near 100% compliance five years later, and it’s given them an opportunity to focus their time on improving their training process even more. “We’re beginning to look at the idea of competency checklists. It’s one thing to do a pre- and post-test on the knowledge learned—but to have a way to confirm you can do the skills taught in the coursework will take our training to the next level.”

By maintaining a training program using online learning to onboard new employees and keep compliance among current staff, Wheat State Manor has built a workforce that truly embodies knowledge, skill, and attitude.

“I like the Relias system. I think it’s affordable, effective, and gives me flexibility to train my whole staff.” – Mike Smith, Administrator at Wheat State Manor, Inc.