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Onboarding new staff is a regular occurrence for Health and Human Service Organizations and we know that balancing your mandatory staff training with your other day-to-day responsibilities is not easy—yet has to be done! In this day and age of technology you can achieve consistent compliance year after year without adding hours to your work schedule and training agenda. One way to do that is through Recurring Curricula. This time-saving method automates your staff training calendar and provides the courses your staff needs, when they need them.

What is recurring curriculumRecurring curricula allows your organization to set training roll overs based upon calendar dates, hire date anniversaries, and/or completion dates. This allows recurring training needs to be uniform or unique across your organization. You can utilize courses, events, skills checklists, and/or requirements trackers in a single training plan for the next month, year, or longer.

Everyone has different recurring training needs as well as training you have to take as an employee — whether that be every month, quarter, or maybe every year. You have different types of employees and levels of education which can become a bit of a nightmare to manage when you have different schedules, hire dates, and training needs for each staff member!

Claudia Cano, Director of Training and Education at Southwest Key Programs, is responsible for tracking and ensuring all of her employees are within compliance and report back the programs or employees not meeting compliance criteria. Claudia said her hardest task was figuring out the answer to this question: “What are my training needs and what do I want to set up for my staff to roll over every year?” Once she could answer that, using the Relias Learning management system made onboarding new staff quite simple.

“You can choose a pre-made recurring curricula template and make any modifications you need then automate those out to the appropriate groups of people while tracking your reporting. Southwest Key now has 86% compliance agency wide with 2233 employees with goals to reach 90-95% compliance across all programs.” –Claudia Cano

To learn more, watch our webinar on how to automate your staff training.  You can also read our blog or watch our webinar on Effective Strategies for On-boarding New Staff.


*Southwest Key Programs is a national nonprofit organization providing transformative education, innovative safe shelters and alternatives to incarceration for over 200,000 youth and their families annually, while creating opportunities for their families to become self-sufficient.

Jaime Thornhill

Social Media Specialist at Relias

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