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Performance improvement through staff training and workforce development.

Relias Impact Blog

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You Have the Power to Improve the Quality and Cost of U.S. Healthcare!

7 minute read

Ensuring that your institution or clinical setting provides primary palliative care is one of the most powerful ways you can improve the quality and cost of U.S. healthcare.  However, most health care professionals have not been trained to provide this type of care, and they cannot practice what they do not know. Since nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals, and the ones who...

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Understanding Palliative Care: Who Needs to be Trained?

2 minute read

Answer: All health care institutions should ensure their nurses are educated in primary palliative care!

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All Nurses Need to Practice Primary Palliative Nursing!

13 minute read

Do you incorporate palliative care into your clinical practice? Can you help optimize the quality of life for those you care for?

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