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The Power of Words: A Primer on Non-Stigmatizing Suicide Terms

4 minute read

A quick Google search using the words “committed suicide” pulls up countless links to newspaper headlines that practically shout this phrase with their bolded typeface, indelibly stamping it into our society’s lexicon. So if it is standard speak to use this phrase in our society, can there really be anything wrong with it? Unequivocally, yes.

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13 Reasons Why: They Are Talking, and We Should Be, Too

6 minute read

Hype over a television show, particularly one with a riveting storyline, may seem like nothing out of the ordinary. Though I am showing my age, I recall the drama at school when everyone burst in that morning after J.R. Ewing had been shot. My graduate school classmates analyzed and overanalyzed the characters from Melrose Place. However, the impact of social media has presented a vehicle for...

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Mindful Eating: 5 Steps You Can Start Practicing Today to Improve Your Health

5 minute read

If I offered you a large box of popcorn, that was, unbeknownst to you, actually 14 days old and completely stale, with the first bite, you’d politely decline the rest, right? You’d no doubt notice that the classic movie treat had lost its characteristic light crunch and would have zero interest in consuming even one more of the rubberized kernels, right? Unfortunately, if the research on...

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