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Performance improvement through staff training and workforce development.

Relias Impact Blog

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Social Determinants of Health: Food Security and its Connection with Chronic Disease Treatment

8 minute read

Over 42 million people are food insecure in the United States – that’s approximately 1 in 8 people. 1 in 4 adults in the United States have two or more chronic health conditions.

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Will ACO Evolution Mimic How Health Plans Evolved?

6 minute read

The health plans’ networks (and the associated payment models) offered today have evolved over time. In recent history, the traditional indemnity plans have given way to managed care to corral costs and provide some higher degree of provider accountability to slow cost growth and improve care.  Patients, however, were not fans of the managed care model; some patients saw it as rationing care...

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What Is Your State Doing to Address the Opioid Crisis and What Does It Mean for You?

5 minute read

As part of evaluating how Relias can be a partner in addressing the opioid crisis, we analyzed state by state legislation related to opioids.

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